A :  Fluid from outside to inside Into the filter element; impurities adhere to the surface or At the bottom of the barrel.

B:Concentration of impurities at the bottom of the bucket .

C:Drain valve exhaust impurities.

D: Filtered fluid Stay in the slot.


CCF power transmission filter

Traditional filters, such as basket filters, filter-type filters and necessary filter-type filters, need to disassemble the filter screen or filter core or filter bag.
The advantages of suction type power filter are:
Absolute filtering adopts
V-shaped net or shape net power to filter, weighing
Not easy to block, disassemble and repair dirt
(2) There is no cost of consumables such as filters and filters
(3) Able to bear
(3) Poor 4) Slag can be discharged online, and it can be operated by any means
(5) Differential pressure and timer slag can be installed.

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