Micro-filter [ マイクロフィルターMF ]



K-Flow aviation micro-filter are designed to continuously remove fine particles such as rush, dirt, sand and pipe scale from aviation fuel systems. These highly efficient micro-filter are used at refineries, bulk fuel depots, transfer stations and airports, predominantly prior to filter/water separators to protect and prolong coalesce element life.

Technical specifications

Design code  ASME Sec. VIII, Div.1 & API/IP 1590 lately edition.
Nominal micron rating 0.5 ~ 30 micron, etc.
Maximum differential pressure  1.5 bar
Admissible operating temperature -30 ~ +80 ℃
Construction  Carbon steel or stainless steel
Options  ASME U stamped, Differential pressure indicator & Switch & Transmitter, Sampling probe, Automatic air vent with check valve, Pressure relief valve, Drain valve.


Jet fuels / Diesel fuels / Light oils