Non-Woven Net Depth Filter


Provide stable removal efficiency and flow rate due to net in inner layer. Prevent the media deformation under high differential, superior ability in filtering high viscosity liquid.

  • All materials used in cartridges are FDA listed for food contact use and suitable for high viscosity liquid, paints and slurry. Polypropylene materials of construction, in 28/30/25 mm I.D., 63 mm O.D. and length 250-1000 mm ( 10”-40” ) .
  • Recommended operating conditions: 4.1 bard @ 22℃ and 2.4 bard @80℃. Performance: from 1 – 100 μm, D.O.E., 222/Flat, 222-Fin, 226/Flat, 226/Fin style are all available.
  • Seals: EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/Special upon request.